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Georgetown Brewery Tour

Georgetown Brewery Tour

With no plans, and a friend in town from out of state, we decide to kick off our Labor Day weekend with a brewery tour in Georgetown. After a quick brunch, we caught a Lyft to get the weekend going early the right way. Georgetown is a really fun area that is a refreshing break from the other Seattle standards of Capitol Hill and Ballard. It's a little bit slower and a lot more spacious down south, but still lively and a ton of fun. There is a lot going on in this neighborhood, and you should definitely go check it out if you have a little extra time and want to do something a little different, but still want to drink some delicious beer. Below you can find my drinking notes, and a map of the places we visited, just in case you'd like to get off the beaten path a little bit yourself. -Eric


This was the second time that we started at Lowercase. I really love this taproom. Fun and low key. Tons of seating for a not super large space. Outdoor seating with corn hole and lots of board games.  They always have their 6 standard beers and at least 3 additional rotating taps, which are usually collaborations with other local breweries. Lowercase is just an awesome place with a really good vibe and great beer. 


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Watermelon cider
Very, very sweet. Only a hint of watermelon. a bit much for me, especially this early in the morning. (We started drinking at 11:30)

Double Black IPA
Not too hoppy or too bitter. it definitely looked like it was a black, but really didn't taste as dark as it was—tasted more like a porter with extra hops. Very fun mix and really smooth. 

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Smokey Mountain collaboration. European style and very lager-y. Tastes a lot lighter than it looks. Tastes like it should be drank out of a stein and accompanied with a giant pretzel. 

Very light and refreshing. Super easy to drink. Doesn't taste skunky, like a lot of other Mexican beers in clear bottles. Reminds me of BBQs and sunshine. 

Smooth, malty. Easy drinking, which is a little surprising for how dark it is. Nice for the morning with its coffee notes.

Pretty bitter, a little hoppy. Pretty standard pale ale, which is not a bad thing. A very solid beer to end our first stop of the day.


An amazing tasting room, and the stop we were all talking about for the rest of the day. Was pleasantly surprised to be told that money is no good for tasting. Get 7 tasters for free (out of 12 taps available) that the brewers have arranged in a preferred drinking order from lightest to heaviest. And get to buy some beer when you leave if you found anything you liked thats been canned, otherwise it's growlers or kegs! Our server was super knowledgeable about beer in general, and the company as well. He even took us back to see the offices which was a very cool perk. I cannot recommend this place enough after this visit.

Big fan of their slogan

Big fan of their slogan

Johnny Utah
A standard at Georgetown, which i had never even seen before. Citra hops, very bright, crips refreshing and light. A very sessionable pale. Would drink again. A very good start to the visit.

Boots Murray and Berry
Raspberry gose. I am super excited that sours and gose's are  gaining popularity, and ones like this are a great example of why. Light fruity flavor without being overpowering. Sweet start with a tart finish. We would have taken a growler of this home with us, if it hadn't only been our second stop of the day!

Traditional Oktoberfest style beer. Strong, 6.6 abv, but doesn't taste like it. Very fall, and a full flavor. Could be pretty dangerous if you took home a growler.

A Bale Breaker collaboration, and you could tell! 5.9 abv IPA very hoppy start but mellow after taste. Bright tasting, very crisp and a little bitter. A good change of pace in the tasting order. 

The brewers checklist and drinking order chart

The brewers checklist and drinking order chart

Choppers Red
Such a good red! Which seems to be a harder and harder thing to find in Seattle. Not too heavy like a lot of other reds and ambers but still flavorful. Not overpowering, definitely able to drink more than one at a time. 

Again, a double IPA that doesn't seem like it. This was definitely on my top 3 of the day, and maybe my personal favorite. Not "punch you in the face" with hops, but they were definitely present. A little bitter but not in an unpleasant way. A little sweet and citrusy in the middle. A really good, and fun limited release.

Barley Wine
If I am being honest, probably my least favorite beer of the day. But I wanted to get as full of a tasting experience as I could. This barley wine is a the product of an 11 month aging process and blend of 3 beers all aged in different liquor barrels; whiskey, rye, and rum. Very strong 11%. Not for everyone, but you can taste each barrel individually in every sip. Looks like liquor in glass. 

Two Beers/Seattle Cider

One of my favorite tasting rooms. A very open and surprisingly large space to grab some beers and food with some friends. Has a pool table, and a few arcade games for extra things to do beside drinking. First place we have been with a full food menu, by Bread and Circuses. Definitely an awesome place to visit. 

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Fresh Hop
First fresh hop of the year in Seattle! 24 hours between harvesting and getting the hops into the beer! So fresh and delicious. I can't wait for more fresh hops to show up at other breweries around the city.

Chocolate Lab Stout
I'm not a huge stout guy, but I really like this. Doesn't sit in your stomach like you just ate a whole loaf of bread. Pretty light and refreshing for a heavy beer. 

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Tangerine Turmeric Cider
A lot better than I was expecting. Very dry, but still fruity. The turmeric adds an interesting earthy quality. Very refreshing and drinkable.

Inversion Amber
Pretty standard amber. A little nutty, gorgeous amber color but too contradictory between a lager and a red.   


A very PNW beer place. A lot of IPA and everything (beer and food) is gluten free. The space is fun, open and a cool view into the brewery. If you like oyster shooters, this is your jam. 

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Dry Hopped Sour
A very good sour take. Not reliant on a fruity taste to push it into sour territory. A very nice mix of just beer and sour combined. It is a beer that has been soured in the best way. I think this was my favortie  at Ghostfish.

Watchstander Stout
Carmely, chocolatey, heavy. A good beer but not something to start you night off. Would be extremely good with a scoop of ice cream. 

Peak Buster Double IPA
Another easy drinking double! Pretty tasty, and not obscenely bitter. Ends with citrus notes. A fun drink, especially if you really need to unwind.

Apricot Sour
Very fresh. Tart but not too much. An extremely fresh take after the other beers. The apricot taste is very present without being over the top. 

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