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How Eric Proposed & Some Engagement Photos

How Eric Proposed & Some Engagement Photos

Eric proposed on Christmas day 2017 and nothing went as he had planned. We flew from Seattle to Steamboat on December 23rd during a blizzard with horrendous high winds. Our flight was the only one all day that was not diverted to Denver and actually landed in Steamboat. The turbulence we experienced on the descent was so bad that the lights on the plane flickered out, causing Eric to make sure he had easy access to the ring just incase things went severely downhill. Thankfully we landed, without any emergency proposals.

Next on Eric's checklist was to ask for Katherine and Dave’s blessing before actually asking Meghan the big question. Eric hoped to do so the night of their arrival in Steamboat, but after the rough flight in, going to a neighbor's for a holiday party, and the added obstacle of Meghan being glued to her parent’s sides, Eric decided it would have to wait until tomorrow and he hoped for some time alone with his future in-laws.

Christmas Eve came around; Dave was already off to teach skiing for the day by the time Eric was up and out of bed and Meghan was helping Katherine cook breakfast. It was at this time that Eric began to contemplate what conversations with his friends, family, and coworkers would be like when he had to let them know he wasn’t able to propose because Meghan never seemed to be apart from her parents.

Eventually, Meghan stepped away, and as soon as she was out of earshot, Eric proceeded to ask Katherine if it would be ok if he asked for her first-born daughter’s hand in marriage. Only it sounded more like “Katherine-I-have-a-very-important-question-I-need-to-ask-you-and-this-might-be-my-only-shot-I-love-your-daughter-and-she-makes-me-so-happy-and-I-would-like-to-ask-her-to-marry-me-but-first-I-would-like-to-ask-for-yours-and-Dave’s-blessing," said in one breath, probably sounding panicked, while he kept looking over his shoulder. Katherine smiled, said “Of course. We are very excited to have a son in our family!” They got a quick hug in before there was a flushing sound from the hall and they had to act natural again.

One down, one to go.

Dave came home from work, and after enjoying dinner, everyone ended up playing a board game by the fire. From the moment Dave got in, Meghan again became inseparable from him. The conversations in Eric’s head were only getting worse as he was playing through scenarios at the water cooler, having to explain that even though he tried, his attempts to speak to his still-only-girlfriend and not-fiancé’s father were foiled by the very woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Finally, Meghan excuses herself, only this time Katherine looks across the board at Eric and says exactly what he was thinking; “I think now might be your only chance!” Eric takes a deep breath and looks at Dave, and proceeds to blurt out roughly the same jumble of words, asking to marry his daughter. Dave smiles at Eric, pats him on the shoulder in that more-than-a-pat, oddly-affirming gesture all fathers intrinsically seem to know, and says “Well, I think that would be alright.” Eric is ecstatic, and Katherine’s jaw drops as she incredulously lets Dave know that she said they were excited to have a new son in the family.

Eric now has permission from both of his new parents and now all that is left is to ask Meghan.

The plan for Christmas morning is to go skiing, as you do when you live in a ski town. Eric finishes getting ready before Meghan and is helping Dave clean up breakfast, when Dave looks over at Eric and says “you know, they have professional photographers on the mountain. That might be a cool way to do it.”  Eric thinks this could be a really great way to do it as well, and after Meghan comes out all dressed for a day on the slopes, he claims he needs to “grab something small he forgot in the room.” With his great grandmother’s ring zipped away in a pocket that hopefully doesn’t bulge too much, they head off to the ski area.

They park, Eric and Meghan get their tickets for the day, and the visibility is terrible. Like, can-barely-make-out-the-hand-at-the-end-of your-arm terrible. Eric decides that this is not the weather to start the first day of the rest of their lives together in, and only slightly panics on every lift for the rest of the day making sure that the ring didn’t somehow unzip itself from his pocket and disappear in the snow, further complicating this already complicated proposal. On the way home, Eric asks Meghan to go for a snowshoe, and is answered with a “no I don’t think so today, I’m pretty tired.”

Foiled again.

Eric proceeds to guilt Meghan into staying in her snow clothes and to go outside “because we never get snow in Seattle” and “you always want to go on walks when we're at home.” After some nagging, it is decided that they will go sledding, and because they are not children and actually are going to be real, grown-up, adult engaged after this proposal, Eric starts to scheme about how to get Meghan to just go for a walk once they are finished sledding. They walk back to the house, where Katherine is shoveling the deck, which Eric offers to finish doing. Meghan begrudgingly helps with the shoveling and as they are almost finished, Meghan heads inside while Eric finishes the last go around. He notices that Meghan is now inside, and sprints in after her, knowing that if she gets her jacket and boots off, there’s no way he will be getting her back outside again.

He throws the door open and yells for her to stop “you still owe me a walk!” hoping he isn’t starting to sound desperate and letting on too much. Meghan looks at him, with one boot untied and jacket already off, and with a heavy sign says “Fine.” This is his chance. Eric walks Meghan into the snow, off the back porch heading towards a table out in the backyard. He is now starting to get nervous. After all the hiccups in his plan, this is the moment; he is going to ask the love of his life to spend the rest of hers with him. They get to the bench and Eric looks into Meghan’s eyes. He tells her how happy she makes him, and how much he loves her, and that he can’t imagine her not in his life. He takes off his glove, unzips his pocket, where the little black box still is—even after a day of skiing and sledding. He starts to kneel.

“What are you doing????????” Meghan asks as it dawns on why her boyfriend has been acting like an insane person all day—insisting on going on walks, taking long breaks in the ski lodge, and hassling her stay in snow clothes and to go back outside. There is rustling behind her back as she tries to quickly take off her mittens in preparation for what is about to happen.

“Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” is asked.

“Of course,” is smiled back.

And the deed is done.

Photos taken by our friend and amazing photographer Yunkin Keophomma of North x North.

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