We’re Eric and Meghan—newlyweds who met in 2013 at the end of college, in the northwesternmost city in the contiguous United States. Fast forward through a few moves, a year of long distance, and some truly memorable trips—you'll find us living in our beautiful vintage apartment in Seattle with our two cats, planning trips whenever we can, cooking great food and trying to get the most out of this wonderful corner of the world. We make an effort to seek adventure in our daily lives but we also treasure our downtime. This space aims to capture us as we pursue a life well-lived and a world well-traveled.




I'm Eric Hole. I love Seattle summers and think there's no better reward after a hard hike than having a swim in the lake at the top. When I'm not swimming, hiking, or exploring elsewhere, I work for Nordstrom Corporate, managing a team of merchandise specialists. I love the craft beer scene in Seattle and enjoy heading to new breweries both near and far. Video games are how I decompress after a long day at the office.



I'm Meghan Hartley Hole, a graphic designer and art director. I currently work for Starbucks as a designer by day and create unique design solutions for my beloved freelance clients by night. When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm either eagerly planning our next trip into the backcountry, caring for our plants so I can fulfill my dream of living in a greenhouse, or enjoying the home that we're building together here in Seattle.